My Experience Using Tretinoin Acne Cream

User Experience:

I have suffered with acne for years and I have tried just about all the acne medications out there. Some worked for a little, while others were just not effective. On one trip to my dermatologist, he recommended that I use Tretinoin to treat acne. Tretinoin is a very powerful cream that is used to effectively treat acne. It is a very strong medication so your doctor has to prescribe the right concentration so that it doesn’t irritate the skin. Tretinoin cream or gel can be purchased from any pharmacy, once you have a valit prescription.

The Experience

I started using Tretinoin to treat the acne and the first thing that surprised me was how powerful it was. My doctor had recommended that I start with a lower concentration, but my exuberance told him to start me off with the higher concentration. That was a mistake and I paid for it. My face started to burn and peel and it was super dry. The side effects were a bit too intense and I had to stop using the cream for a while. I spoke to my doctor and he placed me on the lower concentration. The doctor stated that I should apply the cream at night before I went to sleep and that it should be washed off the face in the morning. He also recommended that I apply sunscreen, because it would make my skin sensitive to the sun.

The Results

The first couple of weeks of using tretinoin cream was not fun. The skin took some time to adjust to the medication and as a result there was a lot of dryness, burning and irritation. It was not as intense as when I had used the higher concentration but it was still an annoyance. When it came to the acne, it became worse; however this is expected. The doctor stated that there was a good possibility that the acne will become worse before it becomes better. After a couple of weeks the irritation will begin to subside and you will see a significant improvement in the skin. After using Tretinoin for the prescribed period, I noticed that the acne was slowly but surely going away. Another great benefit of this was that the acne scars also started to fade.  This improved greatly the more I used the product.

Speaking with the doctor and based off my limited research, it has been stated that it can take any where from ½ a year to a year to experience the full potential of the tretinoin cream or gel. I was lucky and saw some results after a few weeks of treatment. I need to continue to make full use of what this cream has to offer. A lot of people usually give up on the tretinoin treatment after a couple of weeks, especially when the irritation becomes too much or the acne worsens. These people never get to benefit totally from the cream. Another mistake that a lot of people do (like myself) is use a high concentration of the gel or the cream. As in my case, these higher concentrations can cause irritation and redness, which will lead to some people abandoning the treatment.

So is Tretinoin Cream Worth it ?

Based off my experience, I can definitely say that the tretinoin cream was well worth it. The results I got were a thousand times better than many other treatments I had tried in the past. There is no cure for acne, but at least I got a product that was effective enough to reduce the amount of acne and acne scars that were on my face. If you are interested in trying this product out, then you definitely need to speak to your doctor about using it.