Retin-A and Pregnancy

retin-a-pregnantIs Retin-A Safe During Pregnancy

Retin-A falls into the Class C category as it relates to drugs and pregnant women. This essentially means that women who are pregnant, the risks in taking this drug should be outweighed by the benefits. Based off tests conducted, it is not known how Retin-A will affect pregnant women.

Generally Retin-A is considered to be safe, due to the fact that very little to none enter the bloodstream. Even less reaches the baby. Information suggests that it does not appear to cause any birth defects or problems with the fetus.

Animal trials conducted showed that no permanent damage occurred after using tretinoin frequently. The study goes on to show that there was retardation in the development of bones in the offspring of the animals, but this was not out of the ordinary. Aside from animal studies, there have been no tests conducted as it relates to Retin-A on pregnant women.

Can Retin-A be used to Treat Acne While Pregnant?

As stated above, there have been many studies conducted as it relates to the use of Retin-A on acne, while pregnant. These studies have shown that mothers who use the product during pregnant are not any more likely to have birth defects compared to women who did not use the product.

Can Retin-A be Used by Mothers Who Breastfeed?

Generally when Retin-A is used on the skin, very little is absorbed by the body. As it relates to breast milk, the amount found in it would be very little to none. There have been some reports as it relates babies having problems from mothers who use the drug. This may be a few cases and there has been no studies conducted as it relates to this. If individuals are concerned about breast-feeding and Retin-A, they should consult with a medical professional to get more answers.