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How Does Tretinoin Affect Acne?

Many young people from teenagers to adults often suffer from the skin condition called acne. This condition is known to cause unsightly pimples that occur on the face and the body. Acne can be quite damaging not only to the body, but also to the self-esteem of the individual who suffers from the condition. With [...]

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Tretinoin and Dry Skin

When it comes to treating acne, one of the better products out there is Tretinoin. Many doctors prescribe this treatment for people who suffer from acne simply because it works.
Tretinoin & Dry Skin
Like any other drug or medical treatment out there, Tretinoin does have its side effects. One of the most common side effects is the dryness of the skin when using the product. This may or may not occur in everyone who uses the product, but a large percentage of people have had dry skin after using it. Generally, …

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Tretinoin Tablets

Tretinoin is generally used in a cream or gel form for the treatment of acne. There are other uses of this drug, especially in the oral form. Tretinoin Tablets (Vesanoid) comes from a group of drugs known as retinoids. These tablets have the ability to kill specific types of cancer cells by affecting how they reproduce and grow. Tretinoin Tablets are specifically used to treat leukemia.
Aside from treating leukemia, doctors will often use this drug to treat other types of cancers.
People who are placed on this medication are required to …

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Retin-A and Pregnancy

Is Retin-A Safe During Pregnancy
Retin-A falls into the Class C category as it relates to drugs and pregnant women. This essentially means that women who are pregnant, the risks in taking this drug should be outweighed by the benefits. Based off tests conducted, it is not known how Retin-A will affect pregnant women.
Generally Retin-A is considered to be safe, due to the fact that very little to none enter the bloodstream. Even less reaches the baby. Information suggests that it does not appear to cause any birth defects or problems …

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Tretinoin Acne Scars

Scars on the skin can often form as a result of surgery, acne, burns and other types of injuries. The scar tissue is often fibrous and tough and it will replace the normal skin, during the healing process.
Many people do not like the look of scars on the skin and often try to use different treatments to get rid of them. One of the most popular scar treatments is Tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova). It has been shown that Tretinoin has the ability to improve the appearance of scars on the skin.
Acne …

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Tretinoin Review

I have been dealing with acne for an extremely long time and anyone who suffers with it knows how annoying and problematic it can be. I finally got fed up and went to the doctor to get a treatment that would rid me of my acne.
After stepping into the doctor’s office, we had a brief consultation and then prescribed to me Retin-A (Tretinoin). I started applying the cream immediately and I did not see any major results immediately. Over a period of a few weeks, my face began to clear …